The special features:

The inflatable mattress, in addition to the peculiarity of using air instead of a plate inelastic material or springs, differs from traditional mattresses in other details. First of all, these are the thickness, which is greater or less than the common mattresses. For a normal inflatable mattress for domestic use, the average thickness is over 40 centimeters, with a maximum height that can reach 50 or more centimeters which is why it can also be used without a slatted base.

Due to the fact that it is filled with air, the inflatable mattress is, logically, lighter than a normal mattress in memory, latex or spring. So it’s easier to move, transport and position; this makes it suitable for use for short periods of time. Placing blankets and sheets on an air mattress is possible, especially in higher-end models, thanks to the fact that they are often divided into 2 halves. A higher and a lower one, in this way you can easily reuse the sheets of your bed, without having to buy new ones.

Composed in waterproof latex or PCV (polyvinyl chloride), the air mattress, to avoid annoying noises due to the rubbing of the sheets and make it more comfortable, often has the upper surface flocked (ie similar to velvet to the touch); even if not all the products have this feature, most of the air mattresses currently on the market are equipped with them. Another peculiarity of the inflatable mattresses is that often having cushions integrated into the structure; so for those who must use them only one night at the campsite, they will not even have to bring their pillows.

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Best for couples:

many users claim that the air mattress is ideal in double sizes, as having two different air chambers everyone can choose what degree of rigidity they have for their mattress; little is transmitted the vibrations and the movements of the rest making it also suitable for the intimate life of the couple.


Air mattresses are lighter than their counterparts in other materials, so they can be moved and transported more easily, managing to change the sheets and clean them without any difficulty.